Mind & Body

Ask yourself the following question: is my body messing with my mind or is my mind messing with my body? Since I came to Bali, my body is asking for a lot of attention. On the one hand I’ve been feeling very strong; a lot of boxing, doing massages, surfing, yoga, dancing… On the other hand everything just doesn’t seem to work with me. Bali belly (when you know, you know) is coming back regularly, I’ve had a parasite in my bowel, a UTI, strange -and massive- reactions to bug bites, bad skin… So, is this my body telling me that my ego needs to slow down (I’m a tough and strong woman and I want to do everything now now now and I need to make sure I master everything before I come home), or is it my anxious and homesick mind stopping myself from all the things I want to do and accomplish here in Bali? Do I really need to take less boxing lessons because my hands hurt or is this just part of my learning curve? Do the waves really scare me or am I just scared to suck at surfing? Interesting question, right? I guess the mind is stronger than you think and the ego fights harder than you think 🤫😉. But don’t forget to eat your greens!

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