Words by Sonia Killik

Thank you @soniakillik for this preface in your book! Couldn’t agree more: ‘it is important that, as women, we see birth and motherhood as the sacred and profound experience that it is. But to accomplish this we need to have a dash of “f*ck yeah!” in our lives. “F*ck yeah!” is the only way I can adequately describe the magnificant wild inner beauty that every woman possesses – an untamed feminine quality that is finally emerging into our society. It is the laugther that consumes us and lifts our souls. It’s our need to dance and move our bodies to the rythm of our world. It is the courage we find to leave a hurtful relationship. It’s the endless emotional strength that we pour into everything and everyone we love. It is our ability to cry when our heart is broken, and then to carry on the next day.’

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