Why postpartum work

Why postpartum work? Many people think I want to get into postpartum work because of my deep love for every baby that crosses my path. Although I can’t deny that, I’m not here to cuddle your baby for a couple of hours 😋. I’m actually amazed by the power of a woman after childbirth. When I was still a teenager, one of my best friends fell pregnant. 17 years old is very young to be able to even comprehend what is going to change in your life, let alone to be able to take good care of a newborn. But she did it, and she did a great job. Her transformation of a young girl to a responsible woman and a MOTHER in only a couple of months still takes my breath away. Almost two years ago my sister had her first baby, and I saw everything change again. Not only her body and her mindset, but also the relationships around her. Our relationship, and even the relationships in our little family changed. My parents suddenly became grandparents! I couldn’t wait to see my niece as soon as I could, but I was not prepared to see my sister in so much pain. She cried and cried and I could feel her anxiety, but didn’t know how to help. The midwife and my mother were a great help, but could only do so much for her. Why does it seem like physical and emotional healing in it’s purest form is not a basic need anymore in the western world? You should be able to choose your postpartum team like you would select the employees of your own company. Oh and by the way, the two babies I just told you about are both called Mae 😉❤️

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