Waarom jij wél de baas bent over je zwangerschap, bevalling en kraamtijd

Ik werd geïnterviewd door Ouders van Nu over de yonisteam en postpartum zorg. Super enthousiast was ik, want hoe fijn is het dat er steeds meer licht wordt geschenen op dit nog vaak ondergeschoven onderwerp. Er lijkt een shift te zijn en medici en geboortezorgers komen dichter bij elkaar te staan en er ontstaat een […]

Mind & Body

Ask yourself the following question: is my body messing with my mind or is my mind messing with my body? Since I came to Bali, my body is asking for a lot of attention. On the one hand I’ve been feeling very strong; a lot of boxing, doing massages, surfing, yoga, dancing… On the other […]

Words by Sonia Killik

Thank you @soniakillik for this preface in your book! Couldn’t agree more: ‘it is important that, as women, we see birth and motherhood as the sacred and profound experience that it is. But to accomplish this we need to have a dash of “f*ck yeah!” in our lives. “F*ck yeah!” is the only way I can adequately […]

Why postpartum work

Why postpartum work? Many people think I want to get into postpartum work because of my deep love for every baby that crosses my path. Although I can’t deny that, I’m not here to cuddle your baby for a couple of hours 😋. I’m actually amazed by the power of a woman after childbirth. When […]